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      2. 高考英語作文素材:母親節賀卡祝福語英文版

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        Here’s a little token of my appreciation for all that you have done for me over the years.這是我一點小小的心意,感謝您這么多年來所付出的一切。

        There may be moms all over the world, but you’re the only one that matters to me.全世界也許到處都有媽媽,但您是我惟一最在意的。

        Thank you for everything over the years, mom. 母親節快樂!媽媽,謝謝您這些年來所做的一切。

        Mother’s Day is a time when mothers discover how well their children can prepar e breakfast.母親節是媽媽們發現她們的小孩會把早餐做得很好的時刻。

        We would love to fix breakfast for you mom, but we think it would be safer for us all if we took you out.媽媽,我們很樂意為您準備早餐,不過我們想,如果帶您上館子,會比較保險一點。

        Moms should get more than a special day, they should get a medal of honor.媽媽們應該得到的不只是一個節日,她們該獲得榮譽勛章。

        When I was sick, you always stood by me.當我生病時,您總是陪伴著我。

        Considering the quality of food that children make their mothers on Mother’s Day, it becomes apparent that without moms, their kids would starve to death.想想母親節時,孩子們為媽媽所做的早餐;很明顯的,如果沒有媽媽,孩子們將會餓死。

        I want to wish you a happy Mother’s Day.祝福您母親節快樂。

        Roses are red, violets are blue. This card on Mother’s Day is especially for you.玫瑰是紅色的,紫羅蘭是藍色的。這張母親卡是特別給您的。

        Thanks for being there, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.謝謝您不斷地扶持我。祝您母親節快樂。

        Sometimes it may not seem like it, but I really do love you.有時候好像不是這樣,但是我真的愛您。

        Today is your day to relax and let us take care of you. Happy Mother’s Day.今天是您休息的日子,讓我們來照顧您。母親節快樂。

        We may not be angels all of the time, but we do appreciate what you do.我們也許不是一直都像天使那樣乖巧,但我們確實感謝您的教誨。

        On this day we honor you, dear mother.親愛的媽媽,我們向您致敬。

        On this day we all sit back and think about how much our mothers do for us.在這一天,我們將會抽空休息一下,想想媽媽們幫我們做了多少事。

        We will try to make this your best Day ever.我們將努力使今天成為您過得最愉快的母親節。

        Though it is hard to tell you sometimes, I do love you dearly, mom.雖然有時要告訴您并不太容易,但是我真的非常愛您,媽媽。

        This card comes from the whole family. Happy Mother’s Day.這張卡片是我們全家合送的。祝您母親節快樂。

        I’ve tried many times to tell you, but I’ll say it again: I love you mother.我已經告訴您許多次了,但是我將再說一次:我愛您,媽媽。


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